Makeup Talk with Dee Marie

Ladies, most of us love our makeup.... gotta beat that face. Meet Dee Marie, my friend and all so talented makeup artist!

Tell me a little bit about Dee Marie and how you got your start in makeup.

Dee Marie (Deadra Barnett) is an up and coming makeup artist based in the DC area. I got my start in makeup about 6 years ago in my hometown of Los Angeles, where beauty and fashion is rampant. I had the opportunity the draw inspiration from just about anywhere. The first company to ever hire me as an artist was Bobbi Brown, and then I eventually moved on to be a MAC girl where I received the bulk of my experience and training.

As a makeup artist, what is the #1 mistake women make with cosmetics?

The number one mistake women make when using makeup, is not knowing their own skin type i.e. texture (are you dry, oily, or combination?). I always ask my clients to, “Tell me a little about your skin” in order to assess what products to use. The perfect makeup look is never complete without flawless skin!

What is the single best piece of advice you could give someone who is new to applying makeup?

Word of advice to women who are new to applying makeup is, “Start off with a little, then build up.” You can always apply more shadow or blush, but it’s harder to take away. Also, invest in some great brushes because they will help guide you while you’re applying, and insure that you’ll get the best finish.

What three makeup items should no woman leave home without?

The three items that I never leave home without is:

  • Mac “spiked” brow pencil, because a fierce brow frames the face
  • Urban Decay “Baked” Bronzer
  • NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in “La La"

I personally love mascara. Which mascara would you recommend for volume and length?

I am a big mascara lover and have always made it my mission to try out as many types of mascaras as possible. I have a love/hate relationship with (some) drugstore products, but when it comes to mascara they have it on lock! I’m in love with Rimmel London’s “Lash Accelerator” because it gives great length and doesn’t clump.

If you could work with any celebrity, who would it be?

If I had the pleasure to work with any celebrity, it would be (hands down) Kim Kardashian. Yes, I know we are all a little turned off by her “celebrity”, but let’s be honest, Home girl is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Her bone structure is to die for, and I love how she seems open to playing with different looks. She has definitely become a makeup icon in my book and her makeup artist Mario is such an innovator.

Excellent tips, I'm headed to Nordy's right now!

I'd like to thank Dee for taking time out of her schedule to talk to little ol' me! Ladies, Dee is one of the best and to see more of Dee Marie visit her page on Facebook or tweet her on Twitter!


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